Data Privacy

In direct comparison to statistics services such as Google Stats and Matomo (Piwik) Statify does not process or store personal data as e.g. IP addresses – Statify counts site views, not visitors.

Absolute privacy compliance coupled with transparent procedures: A locally in WordPress created database table consists of only four fields (ID, date, source, target) and can be viewed at any time, cleaned up and cleared by the administrator.

Due to this tracking approach, Statify is 100% compliant with GDPR and serves as an lightweight alternative to other tracking services.

Why exactly is Statify data protection compliant?

The tool is limited to the absolute minimum and thus compliant with data protection policy. You can use it without many concerns.

No IP adresses are saved

IP adresses are neither used for processing nor for display and thus there is no need for anonymization of the data.

No cookies or visitor profiles

Statify only counts visits, not visitors. This means that no cookies are set and no other techniques are used to identify visitors.

You do not need to add anything to your data privacy statement or add an opt-out feature.

Collected data will be deleted automatically

By default data is stored and displayed for 14 days. You can adjust this period by yourself. Older data is removed from the database automatically.